Intelligence, timing and success

There are 3 levels of intelligence when it comes to handling a foreign situation. There’s a clever person who can identify a valid criticism of a state of affairs, then there’s a smart person who thinks of the outcome and solutions to the state and then there’s a person who acts with wisdom who knows whether to keep such ideas to themselves, the timing of sharing those ideas and how to communicate them in the most persuasive manner. The ears of change hear a whisper from the clever and murmur from the smart but be sure to have the volume that comes acting with these and wisdom.








Never underestimate the value of taking time, a decision made over 30 days is always going to be better than one made over 30 minutes. Never allow yourself to feel unnecessarily rushed because in time new options can unfold and new avenues reveal themselves. Once you’ve weighed up the options, even if you don’t make the right decision, you’ve made an informed one and in that you can gain peace of mind.








Success is a magnet. When you’re doing well expect people to flock to you, expect to see faces pop out of nowhere¬†willing to give you chargeless favours in the hope that some of your successes will rub off onto them. But failure and hardship can also capture attention. Some people feed off the demise of others, nursing themselves with the remark that “at least it’s not me”, “at least I’m not like him” “at least I’m better off than her”. Don’t concern yourself with people that only want to use you for a leg up or who perceive themselves as superior when you appear to be a leg down. Those who stand with you regardless of your success or failure, they are your allies.

…And through it all, live deliberately

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