Passivity, morality and what is free

On one side of the scale is passivity, the hands in the air, shoulder shrugging onlooker. On the opposite side is aggressiveness, the me first, trample or be trampled on dominatrix. Both carry undesirable results. Instead find the middle ground in assertiveness, being both firm and gentle, giving and possessive, soft and strong.







We’re all under┬áthe same laws but not in accordance with the same morality. Don’t be tripped into believing that everyone lives by the same moral standards that you, while in the cosiness and security of your bubble of values, have curated and adhere to. What is right and wrong is susceptible to changes in time, location, context and more frequently the wearer of the moral lens.








They say nothing in life is free and sometimes that is okay or at the very least acceptable. This is acknowledging that money is not the only currency we exchange. If you want that job you must exert the energy to check the boxes necessary to get the job. If you want respect, you have to do what is respectable. Even laughter, if you want to bring a smile, you have to tell a joke. In this sense we’re constantly jumping through hoops to reach the treat on the other side. Otherwise you can of course forsake the rewards, but that’s how you get results in a give – take, eye for a toe, capitalist society.

…And through it all, live deliberately

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