Trust and being yourself

The world has this prototype of what the ideal human should be, how they should look, how they should think and behave. But sometimes it’s about resisting the constructions that were forced upon us, learning not to compromise our values, for the sake of being a true version of yourself .



















When being yourself one or more of 3 things can happen: people can accept and admire you, people can try to coerce you in to changing or they can decide to forsake you and quit associating with you. But the choice is theirs to make, let them fall into whichever option they choose, but refuse to make it an option for you to lose who you are out of fear of their reaction.




















As much as it’s not healthy to believe in things which are not based on evidence, sometimes your trust has to be grounded in something. You need to trust the course of your life, trust in your successes and in your failures too, that they are all piecing together to mold you into the person you have always envisioned yourself being.

…And through it all, live deliberately

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