Welcome, to Verses in Being.

Verses in being is a commitment to a way of living, one that aims to capture opportunities, experiences and critical and artistic lessons. I wrote after coming to understand the fruitfulness that can arise from being placed in challenging circumstances. I dedicated myself to the endeavour of fulfilling seemingly unachievable goals. I reached further than the length of my talents and converted myself to the practice of self faith. I proved myself to myself and suddenly the ridiculousness of my ambition became tangibly real and resoundingly sensible.

Growing up the idyllic depiction I had of life was finally put to the test. I experienced setbacks and disappointments but it wasn’t until I understood the barriers to be challenges that I developed the endurance and perseverance to attempt the things that I desired. Every rejection is a step towards affirmation. When the ceilings you perceive have finally been penetrated, it will evidence the will you need to drive you towards every one of your accomplishments.

For a long while I have viewed our human character as being a blank slate splashed with the unique colour of our individual experiences. It is therefore imperative that I choose to make my life a masterpiece. I choose to undertake the tasks, be it academics, travelling or volunteering, which will shape me into a person I am proud of.

I am stretching towards the distant green light, yet aiming only to catalyse and model my own metamorphosis. This blog acts as a catalogue of my experiences and inspirations. I am learning to sustain my views and defend my aspirations, I have become far less apologetic yet patiently empathetic. I commit to elating in life’s most minute wins, pressing the bounds and laughing carelessly. You are promised to be able to overcome the ridiculousness of your dreams as reading this blog aims to inspire you to live a life of abundance, live life completely.

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