I have something for you…You have been thoughtfully invited into a space of openness and honesty. A space transcending all doubts, every uncertainty and each moderately bright day. Welcome, to Verses in Being.

Verses in being was borne out of challenge. In 2016 I had one of the most trying years of my life, there were disappointments, doors knocked but unanswered, and a feeling of helplessness. I was left feeling utterly lost. But don’t for one moment think me unfortunate, my grievances are but a microcosm when set against the tribulations that strangers sown across the globe face daily. Moreover, the challenges were some of the best things to happen to me, they were a mighty injection of reality checks and introspection. And what a powerful concoction it was. So much so that I was compelled to put pen to paper and write a list of the many things I had learnt. I wrote fervently, only to stop when I had reached 50 miniature paragraphs of new found wisdom, 50 inscriptions of lessons that had been swimming around my mind. I wrote these findings more eloquently on this blog in the hope that they will inspire and uplift you, for when you face challenges and also successes you too can have a reference of authentic life lessons from someone who has stumbled into those shoes also.

I aim to also share with you my endeavors as I embark on this journey on self growth. Generally I have played life very safe, tucking away strategically on the most inner edge of the side walk, sometimes even clutching the railings. So I vow to transgress the bounds of familiarity, to propel myself off the flimsy safety net and into places that will extract the best of me. I hope that you will purpose to take this leap along side me.

2017 however has been a year of nourishment, opportunity and prosperity. I don’t have abundance, but find myself elated by life’s minute wins, musing on the mundane and laughing immodestly. As I traverse the road into bold adulthood, womanhood and human-hood these verses lay as stepping stones for dropping the labels, loosening the collar and setting us out to be unleashed.

I don’t believe in the existence of free will. However that is no prosperous way to approach life. It is our duty to maintain the illusion of choice, to hold true to the belief that we are the master of our ship, that we can ease into the soft waves but steer decisively in times of turbulence. And if we map out our steps delicately, taking care to acknowledge the values we have learnt along the way, I believe that our decisions will be all the more concrete and all the more fulfilling. We must remember to rejoice unreservedly in times of progress and release our burdens in times of sorrow, harness the opportunities that befall us, crucially remember …

And through it all, live deliberately.

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