Your value, your skills and the rules

Some people will see the value and potential in you, some won’t, and that’s okay. The world is a market place where people browse and make snap judgments on who they deem worthy. But just because people don’t value you, doesn’t mean that you’re not valuable. For thousands of years, no one knew or cared about the earth’s rotation, no one knew the instrumental power it played in keeping gravity and the solar system in it’s delicate balance and yet not for one second did this lack of acknowledgment stop the earth from playing it’s vital role. So play your role, without caring to prove your importance to others, keep rotating because you are valuable whether people know it or not, gravitate to your own force because your worth is not dictated by the measurement of others.









Don’t be afraid to display your skills. While showing off carries negative connotations of being a turn off, expressing what you have to offer often switches people on. Providing that you don’t slip into boastfulness, you can switch people on to your attributes by expressing them, forget showing off, show on. By just looking at you, no one can read that you have unique talents or extensive experience, you have to show it. Being an underdog may be a smooth game to play but no one puts their money or more importantly their time on you. To get what you want you have to sell yourself and the more conspicuous and elaborate your display, the more customers you’ll attract.

Look at the clothes celebrities wear, dare we step out wearing such exposing garments. Look at the crimes rich people commit, dare we incur even a fine and try to escape the consequences. Look at the greed powerful people exhibit, dare we take a little more than that which was assigned to us. Dare a black man walk down the street with his hood up. It seems your fame, wealth and skin colour frame the boundaries of what you can do. It’s not a question of what rules did you break, it’s a question of who broke the rules.

…and through it all, live deliberately.

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